Sunday, March 6, 2011

Craft Room Renovation....

 This is Stan... He is my  new craft room mascot =D I have a new obsession with sock monkey's, and Twilight so he's all kinds of perfect! Aint he cute?! LOL. That's also my little craft room mantra as well =) Thought the sign was funny (& right on! lol!) I sent a similar one to my BFF Ginger as a little "happy", so we both have one. It's just suiting, I guess ya gotta know me lol.

This is a view of almost the entire room. The walls are a dark chocolate color
and the blinds (I wish you could see) are a blue color! Gotta love that blue
& brown combo!

This is my desk. Gotta love that natural lighting from the windows! To the
right is my printer, and on the shelves is my yarns! So glad I don't have to
keep them in big bins now! To the left, each drawer holds some sort of craft
element. There's tools, embellishments, storage sleeves, alterable items, ribbons etc.

This is my sewing table with my sewing machine. The shelves are holding
some craft projects I plan to work on soon as well as some mailing envelops.
In the drawer are my buttons, crochet hooks, needles, thread etc. On the shelf
above the sewing machine are all of my mounted rubber stamps and clear stamps.
I haven't figured out how to store my unmounted rubber stamps so they are in a drawer,
for the time being.

This is my lamp and calendar. Gotta love Garfield! One of my favorite cartoons, ever! 

Well, that pretty much sums up the photo tour of the new renovations. I'm super tired from going through everything! I did all of this yesterday with my wonderful hubby's assistance. Of course he had no idea what anything was so the sorting, purging, and organizing was all me. He basically moved heavy things, and hung up my shelves and such.. but I'm thankful for his help none the less! =) If the photo tour wasn't enough to tickle your fancy, then maybe this video tour will do the trick!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

Your room looks so neat & tidy!!! I love how bright it is with that huge window letting the sun pour in over your desk! :) I love to write and read in a very well lit room! Great job... not sure about "Stan" but I guess I'll get used to it! :)