Saturday, February 19, 2011

My First 'Rag' Rug {wip}

I found this super awesome tutorial on how to recycle old worn out t-shirts into yarn {or t-arn lol}... I have spent SEVERAL days going through my closet finding clothes that I personally love but my husband hates HAHA. Typically because its my 'comfy lounging clothes' which we all know includes the baggy sweats, and holy t-shirts that you've had for 10 years. Yes folks, I have t-shirts that I have owned  and have worn since I was a junior in high school. Yep, 11 years! YIKES! I even have the t-shirt I wore on our very first date... bizarre right?! HAHA! He will be pleasantly surprised when he returns from Florida to see a rug made from those  'rags' as he calls them LOL. Anyway... I decided to take a bunch of shirts and make t-arn with them, then I found a cool free rug pattern {here} and I am now attempting to put the two together and come up with something colorful, fun, and re-functional for somewhere in our house. If I cant fix it it will most likely be pulled apart and I'll have to try again! LOL. =)

This is what I have at the moment... I am loving the bright colors but I am hating the curling that is going on! I don't want a ruffled rug, I want a rug that lies flat, because folks, you are reading something from the most clumsy person on the east coast... and thats no exaggeration. HA! Last year I had a fight with a rug in my living room, and the rug won! I ended up spraining my ankle really badly and to this day it's still giving me problems. I do not need that to happen again or something worse happen. EESH. I'm almost 27 years old and never had a broken bone, I don't wanna start now. LOL. So if anyone has any tips on how to get this to lie flatter and lose the ruffles, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! I was thinking maybe I should increase 1 time in each of the 4 corners for one round instead of 4 in each corner. Or perhaps should I do an entire round with no increases at all? Any tips or help would be AWESOME & most welcome!

I do plan on making a video to share some tips about making t-arn... it'll be my first video tutorial WOO HOO! There are some issues I went through with my first few balls of t-arn that I had to do quick trouble shooting with, but once I got the gist of it, it was cake! Easy Peasy! =) Just for the sake of sharing another picture, here's a close up of the colors and stitches one more time.... I'm not too sure how I feel about it just yet. I don't know if I like using double crochet for this because the stitches are so large... but it is a time saver too... hmmmmm.... Just thought I would share what's been keeping me busy this week.... more to come soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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