Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kanzashi Flowers

I love youtube! Especially when it comes to learning stuff! Like I mentioned in my last vlog, its my best friend when it comes to learning new crafts lol. Last night I found a video tuturial on how to make Kanzashi Flowers by DreamBigLover. The flowers are sooooo adorable and she explained it so well that I just HAD to try it. So between late last night and this morning I made these kanzashi flowers using her tutorial. I think it took me about 2 hours to make all of these. Not bad, and its VERY addicting! I just wanted to share the link to the tutorial and also what I have put together. I plan on using these flowers in various projects whether it be scrapbook pages, mini albums, altered frames etc. a few of them I already have plans for LOL.

My first flower...
This one would be so pretty for a girls
 scrapbook page, a hair clip or even a frame! 
This one is the largest of the set I have made.
 I like how the fabric folded with this one. 

This one is actually made from vintage fabric that I snagged from my grandma's fabric stash way back in junior high! I used to go into her closet all the time and find different fabric remnants that I liked and use them for crafts. I can't believe I found this! I am definately planning on using this one for a mini album or scrapbook page pertaining to my grandma... this one is special to me!

I made this one for my graduation scrapbook page. Shout out to CCHS! GO VIKS! haha! Our school colors were green and gold, so these will be perfect to add! I'm not sure how I will add them but I think I will be able to figure it out! BTW... remember the tarn from a previous post... these flowers were made from the left over sleeves of the t-shirts I used to make the tarn. So now I am definitely recycling almost the entire shirt into something else =) Yay me! {go green! =D}

This happens to be my favorite from the set. I really love how simple but elegant it looks. The versatility of using white fabric is great too. I was thinking that with the white fabric it would be possible to take versamark ink (because its waterproof) and stamp designs on it. You could even take ranger inks and dye the fabric. Or what about glimmer mists... or better yet, edging the petals in stickles! That would be AWESOME! This flower would be PERFECT for a wedding, or christening or some sort of special occassion. Even using this flower when altering a frame for a wedding gift would be cool! The possibilities are endless. I found the button in a bag of buttons I bought from Michaels. You can get a ton of buttons for a reasonable price at either Michaels or Walmart, and I'm sure plenty of other places. I think I lucked out finding that one in my bag lol. 

Those are just a few of my flowers that I thought I would share! A BIIIIG thank you for the AWESOME video tutorial on making these! If you are interested in trying this out please visit DreamBigLover's YouTube Channel or Click HERE to go directly to the video! Thanks for visiting! 

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Real Life Reslers said...

Wow now I sooo want to make some of these too! I have made other kinds of fabric flowers but never anything that looks like those.