Monday, February 21, 2011

90's realizations...

I saw on someone else's blog this website called Things 90's kids realize... and wow its a blast from the past! I was born in 84 but I grew up in the 90's so all of the stuff mentioned on this site definitely fits into my opinions of growing up =) I had to share some of my favorites that were mentioned!

{I loved this cartoon, and watched it religiously growing up! The movies are good but nothing compares to the cartoon!}

{Dude I really did cry over that ant!}

{I perfected that dance LOL! For further reference watch the dance here!}

{I actually have an huge box of assorted gel pens still!}

{LOVED LOVED LOVED Carmen Sadiago, and Where's Waldo! I'm still searching for Waldo! LOL}

{hahahaha nuff said!]

{thankfully I have never said mentioned phrase... I think?!}

{I agree wholeheartedly! ALL THAT was DA BOMB haha}

{one of the best, but saddest Disney Films ever}

{so true!}

{I remember everyone in my family doing this constantly to make our games work! Soo funny!}

{I think me & all of my siblings had these shoes growing up! LOL!}

{I would play this game with my siblings all the time and my brothers would get mad because I would beat them and they would say it was cheating! I also remember on quite a few occassions, me and my aunt would have sleep overs and would play mortal kombat until the sun came up! I don't think we ever won the entire game though =( }

{I looked forward to playing this game during computer time! I loved it!}

{too true! I love this show, and I doubt I could ever get tired of it! oh and Will Smith happens to be one of my favorite actors ever!I love every single one of his movies, and am proud to say that I own them all!}

{If there was 1 thing I miss the most from the 90's it would be TGIF! I loved all of the show's and never ever thought of doing anything other than sitting at home and being a couch potato on Friday nights!}

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Real Life Reslers said...

LA Gear and TGIF!!!! OMG!!! this post made me so happy!