Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marrakesh Mary Jane Slippers

Check out these fashionably cute and cozy women's slippers!! They're made from acrylic Redheart Yarn in a Marrakesh (Morrocan) pattern with contrasting Espresso Brown. They feature a working strap & stylish button!

These slippers fit women's size 8 but can stretch to a 10. Keep in mind when purchasing, these do not come with grips or soles yet are super comfy!

They are adorable & you'll want to wear them round the clock to keep your toes toasty!! Wear them at home, while you're traveling, or at the office when those heels just aren't working! Treat them as your favorite pair of snuggly, cushiony socks with that comfortable fit you love so much! *Not to be worn outdoors.

These slippers are washer and dryer safe! Just turn them inside out and wash on gentle cycle!

The slippers are currently available for $10 a pair.

If you are interested in purchasing these slippers please click here! If you are looking for slippers like this but in another color scheme, email me at . Custom orders are VERY welcome!

If you are interested in crocheting your own Mary Jane Slippers check out my pattern by going here!

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