Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More NEW crochet kitchen accessories

Tonight I added more items to the shop. I created this super thick potholder using SugarnCream 100% cotton yarn. I love the colors together! It feels very springy.. kinda of like pansies, dont you think? My bestie Ginger says it makes her think of royalty because of the yellows and purples. What do you think for the colors? I have to say I love making these because I love crocheting Tunisian style =) It was the first time I ever used the SugarnCream yarn. I liked it. The only thing that annoys me (and its not just with this specific yarn, but with others as well) is that the yarn stranges seperate easily and sometimes makes it hard to crochet because you miss some of the strands and have to stop and go back. Ah well, I'll live lol. its not that bad. =)

I also crocheted these super soft and absorbant dishcloths using the same brand yarn. I thought using matching solid colors would be neat for a set. I enjoy the ribbed style of them. They are pretty simple to crochet up actually, but well worth it.

The final item I added tonight was this cool plarn dish scrubbie. Plarn is short for Plastic Yarn. Its basically where you take plastic grocery bags, and cut them up and tie them togther. Then you just knit or crochet like you would with actual yarn. This is my own personal pattern actually. I just sort of sat down and created it. The inside of the pad is stuffed with plastic bags as well to make it thick like a sponge. The cool thing about these scrubbies is that it wont mildew and collect gross bacteria like a typical kitchen sponge! You can add a little bleach and toss this bad boy in the washer as many times as you need too. You dont have to worry about it falling apart or stinking! The plarn makes it sturdy, and gritty enough to remove even the toughest of food from your dishes, and is still safe enough to use on your teflon, stainless steel and even glassware! I really enjoyed making this and plan to make tons more! If interested in any of the items above, visit for purchasing information. The Dish Scrubbies are on sale! $2 for 1 or 2 for $3!

Tomorrow I plan on working on a laptop cozy, and for my husband a PSP/Ipod Cozy. So stay tuned for that! I found out today that my brother, and sister-in-law are bringing my nephew/godson Adam up for my birthday which is also Easter weekend! I'm really excited too! I miss Adam like crazy every day and living this far away is hard when it comes to him! I cant wait to see them all again! It will be their very 1st visit to WV too! I'm sure they'll love it (at least I hope so!) For now though, I think I'm headed to bed, these late nights are killing me. I wish I could get my sleep schedule corrected. bleh!


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