Monday, March 30, 2009

Paper Plate Wreaths

Today I decided to try making a few wreaths for our front & back doors. I used paper plates with the centers cut out, rafia and hot glue. I glued the rafia and wrapped it around the paper plate.

Next I cut circles from black cardstock, flowers w/ a flower punch on red cardstock, and hearts from white cardstock and glued them together. I then hot glued those to the wreath. I randomly attached red fabric flowers I had with hot glue. And finally I added the huge red bow, and the adorable wooden lady bug I found from Michaels. It was a fun project to try.

Once I finished the first wreath and sort of knew the process I was going with. I thought I would try an easter wreath :) I created the wreath with a paper plate and rafia like the first time. Next I cut egg shapes from different colored cardstock. Then I used my punches and decorative scissors to decorate each egg. I took crystal glitter glue and decorated the eggs in certain areas as well. After I attached the eggs with hot glue. I took a very old tie dyed shirt that I have had for almost 9 years and finally decided that it was time to retire it. So I tore the shirt into stripes so that I can use it in different projects. Who know's how handy it will be later on. It was handy with this project :) I cut smaller stripes and just tied them on the wreath in different spots. Then I cut 2 longer strips and tied 2 bows layered ontop of one another. The next step was simple. I took a scrap piece of wood that I had in my studio and I wrote out Happy Easter w/ a Sharpee. Then I took different colored paints and outlined the letters, and after the paint was dry I hot glued the sign to the back of the wreath :) It was really fun to make and actually really simple. It only took me about an hour with each wreath. I loved that shirt and Im so glad that I could recycle it into something else. :) I bet my hubby's happy to see it go haha ;)

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Anonymous said...

Neato idea! It actually seems simple enough that I could do it (and I'm not very crafty) but yet it looks like a lot of time was put into each one. I really like the Easter one with all those pretty colors. I may have to try it out some day! Though I have no idea what the heck "rafia" is - I'm sure I could figure it out or you'll tell me soon. Ha. Great job!

Jeanette said...

These are great Andrea. I wonder if I have any paper plates hiding in my cupboard?