Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentine Door Decoration

I have always loved Valentines day but what woman doesnt enjoy a little romance? I made this door decoration for our front door out of boredom yesterday :) You cant see it in the picture (I hate how that happens) but the edges of the heart and the frogs hearts are in red sparkles. The 'Be Mine' and the frog crown are in Gold sparkles, and the white 'lace' of the heart is in clear sparkles. I really wish it showed because it really makes it pop in person. I love my frogs and have a HUGE collection of frog figurines etc. I dont know why but I have always loved them. I even had pet frogs in high school. Even though my whites tree frog was REALLY evil *lol* [but thats a long story]. I've just never had the cringes for frogs like most people do and if I see one in nature I have no problems chasing it and picking it up. They have always been 'cute' and 'interesting' creatures. But anyway, sorry to random about my weirdness haha. Got off the topic. Just thought I would share my newest creation.

God Bless,

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Debby said...

Another froggie ;-) Love this very cute.