Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Mixed Media Painting

Me and my husband renovated our main bathroom last weekend and I didnt have any pretty art to hang that would go along with my theme sooo today I decided to paint something *lol* Im really trying to work on my painting and mixed media pieces. Im better at drawing and sketching then painting, and mixed media painting is new to me but I enjoy it, its so much fun. The background color is the actual color of our bathroom, its called 'Ancient Purple' and the motif is sort of vintage greens, cream, pinks, purples, and blues and is a floral/nature-esc theme. I used ivory colored acrylic paint for the background, and then used a tan watercolor to wash the border and corners. I used antique brown ink and a script rubberstamp from Purple Onion Designs. I then used a few various foam leaf stamps w/ green ink. However I didnt like that there wasnt any color changes in the leaves so I used acrylic paints to add definition to the leaves and more color. I painted the pink roses and used color pencils to add shading and definition. I painted the hummingbird and dragonfly with acrylics. The final thing I added was the white fluffy clouds using acrylics too. I did use colored pencil for some of the detail in the hummingbird and dragonfly as well.

Over all Im really happy with the end product. It matches my bathroom brilliantly and ties all of my colors and over all theme together :) My hubby saw it and told me that he thinks I should create prints of it for sale in my shop :) We'll see. Maybe I could create another for my shop with a different type of bird or color scheme. Who knows.

I am so tired of the snow and ice and rain here so this was a fun reminder that spring will hopefully be here soon. I am soooo ready for Spring! I miss the leaves & flowers and all the pretty birds & butterflies. *sighs*

I hope everyone is safe & warm. God bless!


Anonymous said...

I am opposite of you in which season brings me the most joy, but of this painting, we are alike in our thinking! :) You have simply captured the heart of Spring, and I can see how it fits alongside your decor! :)

rosebudinnh said...

Very nice!! what a pretty piece...