Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Completed Christmas Mini House Book

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Yesterday I finished up the House book I blogged the pages for previously. I thought it would be simple and cute to bind the pages together by using wire and spiral binding it. Sort of like a notebook. I thought it might be decorative but also give the pages space and everything since they are thick and embellished. I didnt want any of the pages to bend because there wasnt enough room for them to open up correctly. After I bound the pages together, I had fun finding all my little doodads and fibers/ribbons and adding some pizazz to it .lol. I found this gold key that I have had forever and didnt know when I was ever going to use it on anything. These great Tin stars that I purchased last Christmas, and even a large and small golden bell! It was fun :) I really love how this turned out and I sort of grew attached to it haha! Go figure! I think today I might work on Christmas cards, and a few ornament idea's I have rattling around in my brain. :)

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"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling." ~Edna Ferber

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is just darling! :) love it!