Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally moved in....

Its about time too .lol. Tim and I finally got everything moved on Sunday and we have the majority of things unpacked. At least my studio is unpacked and set up... thats good right?! I still have a few things to unpack but Im really getting bored with the whole thing lol. Im really loving our new home and I hope to take a few pictures in the coming days to share =D Hopefully I can get into the creating mood soon and get back into my studio.. but until then I wanted to let everyone know that we are doing well and are settling now. I have the net so I am back... dummm dummm dummmmm. hee hee. Thanks for all the well wishes on our move, it was greatly appreciated =D

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Dawn said...

Congratulations on your move. We missed you.
Dawn :)