Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Business Web design frustrations

Ok. I am about to pull my hair out with this stupid website designing crud! I have been trying for a few months now to find a good place to build my business site for my artwork. I want something professional but something that still says ME... I want to display my artwork in a nice way. I have tried Geocities, it didnt work. I have tried Wordpress, I have tried Blogger, and now Im trying Typepad. WHY CANT I FIGURE THIS CRUD OUT?! I just dont understand. I have seen BEAUTIFUL sites from typepad and others but I guess I do not have the expertise to make those kinds of things online. Im just so frustrated and let down about all of this. Im tired of having to download and upload all of my drawings over and over again to these different places. Its soooooooooooo frustrating. Im about to lose hope on all of this, I dont know what else to do and I just ugh.. I just dont know. sorry for the ranting, but needed to say something about it...


crissi said...

Hi there just been reading your post mybe this site might help it seems a good place to put art.

i hope this helps let me know

crissi xx

Sandie R said...

Just a suggestion Andrea but have you ever thought of bartering your art for some web design. I'm sure there are people out there who can't do what you do but would like to and are great at web design. Just an idea