Monday, October 13, 2008

Sisters make the best friends

Today I finished this wall hanging. I thought it would be something fun and different to try. It all started with this blank wooden house that I found at Michaels for 50 cents on clearance. Then I hand painted a design on it and added a vintage image and the words 'sisters make the best friends',some swarovski crystals in pink and clear/white, and some fabric flowers in pink and white as well. It was fun and I sort of like how it turned out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally, Autumn!

Im so glad that its finally Autumn! Its my favorite season. I love the crisp air and the beautiful colors! I'm in such an Autumn, and Halloween mood lately that I have changed my blog look for the season. =) It was fun fooling around with everything! I dont think we will be handing out candy this year for the trick or treaters, sadly. =( We live back in the woods on a private drive and there aren't very many trick or treat aged kids in our community. Thats ok... I still enjoy curling up on Halloween and watching spooky movies with my hubby, thats one of my favorite parts, other than seeing all the neat costumes everyone comes up with. We've never been to a halloween party and I havent dressed in a costume in years .lol. When I was a kid I was always a clown except for one year I remember going as Madonna when I was 10 or 11. It was an interesting year I'd have to say. I got tired of the clown get up. I'm not a big fan of clowns in the first place. But I suppose that was the easiest thing my grandparents could think of .lol. My brothers were always vampires or the hulk. They loved painting their faces with green paint and saying 'Im HULK' and the funniest year was when all of my brothers and my little sister all dressed up as power rangers lol. Too funny! What memories Autumn brings =D
Today I started a new drawing. Its a large closeup of a large sea turtle. I loved all of the details in the shell and the face/body. Its going to be a great challenge but a fun one. I am hoping to perhaps donate 10% of the proceeds to an animal organization, such as WWF.. but its going to take me at least a week or more to complete the piece =) I hope tomorrow to work more on the drawing and also create a few atc's or arches, or maybe participate in a few challenges. We'll see. Tim has to work this weekend (except for Sunday) so I'll be home alone. I'll figure something out to keep me busy =) I want to thank everyone who has left me such great feedback for my recent creations. You are all very kind! The Edward and Bella piece has received the most comments I have ever received, and I really truly didnt expect it. I didnt realize how popular Twilight has become =) Again thanks for all of your kind words and motivation! Its greatly appreciated! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I should be back very soon to share some creations! Happy Fall Yall! ;)
“There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the
summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!” ~
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Edward & Bella- a graphite drawing (IF)

'Edward and Bella' (IF-Sugary)
(click to enlarge)

Tonight I really wanted to get back into drawing and I couldnt really think of anything to draw that interested me until I just started drawing this couple. I wanted to participate in the IF challenge since I have been MIA for a couple of weeks with moving. This weeks topic is Sugary. So I claim this is basically Bella and Edward both thinking 'His/Her kisses are sugary sweet' =D I know its probably not what the topic was intended for but its what my weird mind thought of .lol.

I really really love the Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyers. Its a really great series and in November the first film will be out in theatres! I cant wait!!! My hubby and I are taking a trip down to MS to see our best friends that I havent seen in 2 years the week the movie is released and we are all going to see it together since we are fans =) Its going to be great and Im counting down the days. We really deserve a vacation and we've never been to MS before. PLUS I really want to see my sissy =D

Anyway, I totally lost track of my point- haha! Since I started reading the series I always had specific images of the characters in my mind and this is pretty much what I had in mind for Bella and Edward. I suppose its not too far off from the actual casting for the film but just a little. Either way I like the mood in the drawing. You can feel the emotions, or at least I can. Definate Love, Lust and Adoration.

If you havent read the books, check them out. I read all 4 books in 2 weeks! LOL! Thats how great they are.

"The right thing isn't always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one
person is the wrong thing for someone else. So... good luck figuring that out."
— Charlie Swan from Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers

Friday, October 3, 2008

Art for a cause...

Hey everyone, I thought I would share this great art for a cause. If you go to ebay and purchase a painting from Schmetzpetz, 10% goes to the ASPCA. I love his fun, quirky stuff. I like the dachsunds I think they are cute =D Just thought I would spread the word =D ~Ande~

Hope for a cure- a gothic arch

The Gothic Arch Challenge this week is an open theme. So I thought I would create an arch for breast cancer awareness since this month is breast cancer awareness month. I thought I would take a second to think of Tim's Grandma James who passed away when he was a small child from breast cancer. She is dearly missed. Remember to be aware, do regular exams, and continue praying for a cure.

"Too often we are scared, scared of what we might not be able to do, scared
of what people might think if we tried, we let our fears stand in the way of our
hopes. Why? There's really no time to be afraid. You have nothing to lose and
everything to gain. Everything!”

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally moved in....

Its about time too .lol. Tim and I finally got everything moved on Sunday and we have the majority of things unpacked. At least my studio is unpacked and set up... thats good right?! I still have a few things to unpack but Im really getting bored with the whole thing lol. Im really loving our new home and I hope to take a few pictures in the coming days to share =D Hopefully I can get into the creating mood soon and get back into my studio.. but until then I wanted to let everyone know that we are doing well and are settling now. I have the net so I am back... dummm dummm dummmmm. hee hee. Thanks for all the well wishes on our move, it was greatly appreciated =D